Adding Romance Doesn’t Always Mean Roses and Candles

When most of us think of the word romance, we think of love, making love and having an incredible connection with another person. When most of us wonder how we can add romance to our relationship, we often think of sexy nights filled with lingerie, soft music and wine. But is that it? Not that there is anything wrong with this version, but is that the only option we have? Personally, I don’t think so.


I’m not sure if I could be considered the most romantic person around. I think I am, but who knows? To me, romance is about a deep connection with someone else. A connection that goes beyond just the lingerie and wine


I think that anytime two people who love each other are able to spend time together doing activities that they both enjoy, that can be a form of romance. True, it isn’t necessarily the type of romance that gets written about but that doesn’t mean it can’t be romantic for the couple.


If you think about it, the good memories that we hold throughout our lifetime involve two major themes: doing something we enjoy and/ or being with someone we love. When you combine the something you enjoy with the someone you love, I think that is perfect and I think that can be an (often overlooked) way to add romance to any relationship.


Of course, the important distinction here is that is has to be something you both enjoy. It’s not really romantic if you want to go hunting and your partner hates to hunt. Even if your partner agrees to go, the romance will be lost on her.


So, pick these “non traditional” romantic gestures carefully. Don’t delude yourself into believing that your partner enjoys a certain activity when you know darn well, even if you don’t want to admit it to yourself, that they don’t.


Another aspect of something that is romantic, again in my opinion, is something out of the ordinary. Years ago I knew a couple (to be honest they were a little weird) who liked to brag that they had sex every single night.


As expected, the husband bragged about it but when I asked his wife if she really enjoyed it that much she said no, it had become more of a habit and wasn’t really anything hot and exciting. She said it became a little like brushing her teeth every night before bed… it became routine.


So, whatever romantic gesture(s) you like to do remember that if anything is done too often it becomes routine. Something that is done often will quickly lose it’s intensity and can become if not boring than at least not nearly as exciting.


So, if you want to add romance to your relationship, don’t restrict yourself to the traditional things (not that there is anything wrong with those, but you want to keep things interesting too). Think about you and your partner and the things you both love to do. Then set up a time when you can do those things together. That can be enormously romantic.


You can try with the New Sex Toys for Couples to add fun to your romantic life, and they let you explore what feels good and experiment with new types of sensation. brings you the very latest adult toys and including the wide range of Lelo vibrators, into the convenience and comfort of your home. Start your research today and discover some of the most interesting way to rekindle your relationship.

Try These Foreplay Ideas for Steamy Sex

Want to enjoy a steamy sex with your partner? Consider foreplay ideas. When it comes to foreplay, kissing and caressing sometimes are just not enough. You need more fun and creative foreplay ideas.


There are so many foreplay ideas out there that it is impossible for you to run out of ideas. It is all in your hands to get as many foreplay ideas as possible so as to spice up your action with your partner in the bedroom. Now, let us discuss some effective foreplay ideas that can absolutely light things up:


1) Having a prolonged foreplay. The importance of going slow during foreplay is well known by most couples, but surprisingly, many couples still tend to rush through foreplay. It is better that a good foreplay is done slowly, and it will be good that the both of you are with clothes on. Kiss and caress every part of each others body and let the memory of dating rush back to both your minds.


2) Using high end sex toys. Sex toys are best used together with story lines and role-playing scenarios, as it will bring a whole new pleasurable experience to the both of you. There are all kinds of high quality sex toys out there and you should shop sex toys online with your partner to buy those that seem interesting.


3) Satisfying each other sexual fantasies. You know every one of us has our own sexual fantasy. Try persuading your partner to tell you what is his/hers, and have a little role-playing scenario to satisfy each other. Some of the typical role-playing scenarios are doctor/nurse, teacher/student, electrician/housewife, boss/secretary, pilot/air-stewardess, etc.


4) Stimulating all erogenous zones. Areas like spine, neck, breast, earlobes, lips, inner thighs, shoulder blades and abdomen are great places to stimulate for a better sexual experience.


5) Playing sex games. Sex games can build up the passion, desire and mood for lovemaking. When playing sex games with your lover, it creates the sexual anticipation in both you and your partner’s mind, which at the same time delaying the act of sex for a greater pleasure and passion later on. This will result in mind-blowing orgasms than you ever thought imaginable.


Don’t let your sex life die because life got in the way. There are many foreplay ideas to keep your sex life hot and healthy even if have an endless list of responsibilities. Remember, these tips aren’t just a “one and done” affair. You have to put in continuous work to maintain a healthy sex life. If you work hard enough, your sex life will thrive as a result.

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High Quality Sex Toys – A Dolphin Vibrator

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of luxury dolphin vibrators! From the classic dolphin G-Spot vibrator to the tiny waterproof dolphin tickler, the super-cute and ultra-sexy dolphin vibrator line is perfect for any woman who loves to play in or out of the water.


These luxury sex toys are great choice for your toy collection; the dolphin vibe is water-proof and come with a host of interesting functions that adds to your sexual pleasure. And since it is waterproof, you can bring it in the bath or shower for some aquatic sexual adventure.


The dolphin’s all the special tricks plus a look that is to many women, even more alluring. Dolphin vibrators offer plenty of ways that can boost your arousal and provides maximum enjoyment. They are ideal for vaginal and clitoral stimulation and the textured sleeve adds a new sensation to your experience. Like most other vibes, the dolphin produces strong vibrations that can bring you to a mind-blowing orgasm. Some even come with a remote control, so you can use it hands free. They are also available in various colors and sizes.


Categorized under g-spot or rabbit group of vibrators, the dolphin has an angled tip that’s perfect for reaching the g-spot. You’ll find the angled tip is near the dolphin’s nose. These vibes also come equipped with a built-in clitoral stimulator, located in the dolphin’s nose, which stimulates your clitoris.


Made with a flexible jelly that warms up quickly, the dolphin’s slender penis-shaped head tip glides in easily with just a touch of a favorite lubricant – but if you’re in the water, make sure your lube is waterproof too. The vibrator has a thick base, which makes it the perfect handle for thrusting. They can also come with a textured surface that ripples against your erogenous zones with every trust. The powerful vibrations are centered near the tip for maximum effect, and the realistic head is gently tapered for easy insertion.


The dolphin vibrator is great for both solo play of a fun night with a partner and is must-have for all quality sex toys fans. What’s great about the dolphin is that you and your partner can take it into the shower for some good, clean fun – and it’s always good to get out of the bedroom and explore other areas of the house where you can get sexy with your toys.


Easy to clean with mild soap and water, the soft jelly material is also compatible with all types of sex lubricants for pleasurable play.


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Your Health Affects Your Sex Life, But How?

Today Guys love to spend hours in the gym working on their physiques. Though a healthy waistline is important for sexual performance improvement, a lot of men don’t think or can say don’t realize that their diet can directly affect their sex lives. Unhealthy lifestyle habits, or underlying health conditions caused by poor dietary choices, can certainly affect sexual performance. There are easy lifestyle changes you can make to help maintain a healthy sex life.


The way you think about food and sex are essentially the same. You gain pleasure and satisfaction from both sex and eating. This may be truer for more women than men. Additionally, there are foods that can enhance sexual performance. Some foods have the ability to reduce testosterone, decrease sex drive, or alter sperm production. There are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and spices that can increase your libido and testosterone levels.


While there are multiple herbal supplements that can facilitate libido, sex drive, or testosterone levels, they do not cure underlying factors. Establishing a healthy lifestyle and body is crucial to maintaining a healthy sex life.


Lose It So You Can Use It:


Smoking: Smoking increases your risk of developing a plethora of health problems; heart disease, lung cancer, erectile dysfunction, or lowered sperm count being primary conditions. In order to decrease your risk of developing sexual or reproductive conditions it’s ideal to quit smoking. Not to mention, smoking can be unattractive and a major turn-off to your partner.


Alcohol: Although alcohol is considered to be a social lubricant, it can inhibit sexual performance. It may be more difficult to get and keep an erection, and orgasms can be delayed. Steer clear of those happy hours to have an improved sex drive.


Junk Foods & Processed Foods: Both junk foods and processed foods can be detrimental to your health. These foods are often loaded with trans fats, high in cholesterol, have too much salt, or have hydrogenated fats and oils. If your diet includes junk foods or processed foods, you are at risk of having high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, or becoming obese. A lot of these foods can decrease your libido or cause abnormal sperm production. They also can affect your circulatory system and reduce blood flow, which can impair performance down there.


Overeating: Weight gain is the number one sex drive killer for men. If your waistline exceeds 40″ you are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction. A lot of people have portion distortion because of gigantic portion sizes in America. Too much food makes it hard to set the mood. To prevent overeating, eat out of small bowls and prepare healthy snacks to munch on between meals.


We’ve told you what you need to cut out, now here are a few things you can do to help you get on a healthier path.


Fruits and Veggies are Your Friends: Fruits and vegetables provide the body with a lot of nutrients that have a positive effect on the body. Maintaining a plant-based diet can help you cleanse the body of built-up toxins, so that your systems and organs can function at optimum levels. Certain fruits and veggies provide the body with phytonutrients, which it can convert into arginine, an amino acid that helps relax blood vessels like an erectile dysfunction medication might. Some of the best fruits and veggies to eat for a healthier sex life include:


  • Blackberries
  • Broccoli
  • Cloves
  • Figs
  • Watermelon
  • Ginseng
  • Saffron
  • Ginger
  • Lettuce


Exercise: Engaging in physical activity can promote healthy blood flow and help you shed excess weight. Sometimes there may be self-esteem issues that go along with being overweight. Low self-esteem, depression, or anxiety can all have negative effects on your sex life. Exercising promotes enzyme production and helps relieve stress, both of which are positive steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Yoga can be an excellent exercise that promotes mind and body awareness.


Reduce Stress: Stress is not conducive to your overall health, and can negatively affect your sex life. Stress can increase your heart rate, which can lead to high blood pressure, ultimately damaging sexual performance. Psychological stress, as well as physical stress, can make it difficult to achieve optimum performance in the bedroom. Try acupuncture because it has been known to improve circulation and relieve tension in the body. You can also try meditative breathing exercises, practice Tai Chi, or talk to your partner about sex. The latter can often ease stress and create a better sex life.


There isn’t a one trick fix for a better sex life, but you can take steps to reclaim a healthier lifestyle. You’ll be amazed at what living healthy can do for you.


Further you can try quality sex toys to assist your sexual performance. The biggest reason to use luxury sex toys is quite simple because they are fun so why not?

A Gift Guide for Luxury Sex Toys!

It is natural for us to want to share the things we love, enjoy and go wild over with our friends and loved ones! New Sex Toys can put a spring in your step and a shine on your day… so why not share that spring an shine with a friend? Today we check out the who, what, where and when of adult toys as gifts.


Who Should I Give an Adult Toy Gift to?


Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately), there are some people that it just isn’t appropriate to give adult toys to! Your gift recipients could be:

  • Your boyfriend
  • Your girlfriend
  • A very close female friend (for girls)
  • A reasonably close friend as a group gift at parties, etc.


Which Luxury Sex Toys Make Good Gifts?


Well not all adult toys make good gifts though the might be fun to you! Match your present to your audience with the following suggestions:


  • For boyfriends: Avoid anything that will make him feel insecure (penis pumps, cock rings, enormous over sized dildos, etc). Anal toys for him or you can be great buys to help you explore new frontiers together; remote control vibrators can also be fabulous fun for boys. If you want to buy something that’s technically for you, but he gets to enjoy the ‘benefits’ of, why not try lingerie, a Rabbit vibe or edible underwear.
  • For girlfriends: There are many, mens sex toys out there, and a hundred different ways that you could expand the horizons of a previously vanilla-style girl. However, if you’re buying a toy as a surprise for your girlfriend, you should stick to what you already know she likes. If she hasn’t tried adult toys before, simple egg luxury vibrators or dildos can help ease her into the idea. Alternatively, grab some lingerie for guys, a video on a topic you know she’s interested in, or a board game where sex is the prize!
  • For close female friends: Buy her something that she’d never get for herself – an extravagant vibrator/dildo combination, something to enjoy with her partner, or some luxurious lubes and lotions!
  • As hen’s party gifts: Though it seems a waste, not all the sex toy gifts given at hen’s parties will actually be used! Sometimes they are for laughs… and very effective at achieving that goal too. Grab something enormous and gaudily colored, and watch the group explode with laughter.


When and Where are Toys Appropriate Gifts?


For partners, the best place to actually give a sex toy gift is obviously the privacy of your own home! For close girlfriends, keep it private too – you might want to leave the box with her, so she doesn’t think you’re making a pass. That could be awkward.


Adult toys definitely no longer have to be something to be kept in the shadows – share the shine in your day and the spring in your step!

Buy Couples High End Sex Toys

Now you can buy a considerable number of high end sex toys that are aimed at being used by partners. Underneath are some of the most popular luxury sex toys for partners on the market.


Vibrating Cock Rings


Established for a long time as male sex toys aid, cock rings (also called penis rings) are not just beneficial for males but can also aid with the stimulation of the female partner. This is specifically so with vibrating cock rings which are worn around the bottom of the male genitalia and assist the man to sustain a longer-lasting, thicker and firmer erection. Nevertheless, unlike regular penis rings (which do benefit the female by assisting to prolong lovemaking), vibrating cock rings either come with a built in motor or come with a bullet vibrator that is designed to fix to the cock ring. This stimulates the clitoris resulting in a more pleasurable experience for the female. Some vibrating penis rings also have gratifying pleasure nodules on the surface for additional stimulation.


Fingertip Massagers


Alongside small vibes, fingertip massagers are the perfect quality sex toys to use in foreplay. Finger massagers come as supple sleeves that go over the finger and have a raised textured surface, and ones that have a vibrating bullet built in. Use fingertip massagers to caress the your partner’s skin to get them in the mood for making love. There are also tapered ended finger stimulators for use in anal play. Penis Sleeves Penis sleeves can also be of benefit to both partners. They are available as either single ended or open ended sleeves. The single ended versions normally have an extension at the end of the sleeve which allows the male partner to add more length to the manhood which enables the the partner that is receiving to take pleasure in a deeper level of penetration if desired. Some examples include pleasure nodules on the outer surface. The open ended penis sleeves come either as singles or in a pack and come with differing stimulating textures on the outside which invigorate the female partner. Penis sleeves are stretchy in order to fit all sizes of penis.


Remote Control Sex Toys


Remote control sex toys have become more popular of late. These adult toys are usually wireless with some of them having a distance of up to 10 metres. Just give the controls to your other half and allow the fun commerce! Usually coming with multi-speed functions available by touching a button, remote control sex toys can be used anywhere as long as they’re within the range of the controller. When the female partner is wearing an egg or a bullet vibrator and their other half has the controls, she can experience any number of sensations without being in control.


Sex Toys for the Shower


To help you benefit from better sex in the shower there are a variety of items on the market in addition to luxury vibrators such as an attachment that turns your shower into a dual headed unit so that both parts of the couple can stay warm and wet simultaneously, suction handles that fit to the bathroom tiles which allows you to have fun with different shower sex positions without sliding and even shower suction cuffs so that you can enjoy soft bondage while you’re under the running water.


Adult toys that are normally associated with solo use can also be used as couples’ adult toys. A rabbit vibrator, can for instance, be used by the man to satisfy the female partner rather than the woman using it by herself. Similarly, a female partner can use male sex toys on her man instead of him using it as a solo toy. Use your imagination and enjoy sex toys together.

Anal Sex Toys

Try Anal Sex Toys If You Are Seeking Intense Anal Stimulation

So you think that sex feel like a chore to you? Is your sex life more of a snooze than sizzle? Now reignite the spark in your relationship by using sex toys. Anal sex toys are fast becoming popular. They are popularly used by both men and women. These high end sex toys are available in a variety of styles and are meant to be inserted in the anus and are perfect for provoking intense orgasms. These toys have given a whole new meaning to sex and sexual satisfaction. They are available at highly competitive prices online. The advent of the internet has made it possible to place your order online at the touch of a button.


Anal stimulation has never been so easy, exciting and thrilling but…. but Thanks to anal sex toys. You can choose from a wide array of toys including anal beads, anal plugs, anal vibro stimulator, prostate massager and more. These toys are intended to offer maximum sexual satisfaction. They are meant to enhance your sex life dramatically. Incidentally, absence of physical intimacy in a relationship can spell trouble. Sex is an integral part of marriage and a sexless marriage is likely to disintegrate over a period of time. After all, lovemaking is the culmination of every man-woman relationship. Moreover, the benefits of a healthy sex life cannot be overlooked. Save your rocky relationship by investing in state of the art sex aides.


Quality Sex Toys like anal sex toys are available in several of sizes. Choose a size that comfortably fits in your anus. As far as material is concerned, opt for silicone or glass since they are easy to clean and disinfect. Those seeking intense orgasms should definitely opt for anal beads. They are intended to offer erotic anal stimulation. Anal plugs or butt plugs can also be used for optimum anal stimulation. They come in varying shapes and widths to help people engage in any form of stimulation. The idea of buying sex toys online can probably leave you squirming in your seat. However, the matter of the fact is that the majority of couples are using them to break away from sexual monotony.


So rekindle the spark in your relationship by exploring the wondrous benefits of anal sex toys today. Drop all coyness – let your imagination run amok! Shed your inhibitions – break away from routine sexual escapades to infuse thrill into your sex life.


A pleasurable night of steamy sex can strengthen your relationship with your partner. There is nothing shameful or embarrassing about using sex toys. An increasing number of people are using it to conquer sexual monotony and boredom. You too can use it to treat yourself to the most erotic sexual experience. There is no denying the fact that sex is one of the most basic human needs. No one likes to be stuck in a sexless relationship. Rekindle the flame of passion by using sex aides like anal toys.

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