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Tips For The Absolute Foreplay Pleasure

As with self-pleasuring, most people probably have ways of pleasuring their partners. Though most women have the same general erogenous zones, each woman, of course, has different sensitivities at different times. However when it comes to actually getting physical, men and women often make similar mistakes. During foreplay, both men and women tend to do things that they think would turn their partners on. Really, the key to achieving pleasurable foreplay is to communicate with each other what the expectations and likes of each partner is. It doesn’t necessarily have to be verbal, but it’s important to let your partner know, in one way or the other, what feels good and what doesn’t.


1) It Starts in the Brain


Always remember that good sex begins while your clothes are still on, it starts in the brain. The mind indeed can also be an erogenous zone. “Getting in the mood” is not just the few moments before sex; it can go on for hours, or even days beforehand. Foreplay, too, begins before you touch one another. During and after lovemaking it’s important to stay present with your partner as you’re trying to experience a more profound state of being together, not just a momentary climax.


2) Pay Attention to Romantic Details


Set the stage for love in little ways, making sure the room is warm enough, the lighting is right, and so forth. The setting you create – candles, soothing music, and romantic, loving words – will help harmonize your energies.


3) Experiment with Varied Touch


Touch is a key element of foreplay because the surface of the body is covered with many nerve endings that transmit pleasurable sensations to the brain. The skin is also the largest sex organ because all forms of pleasure during foreplay are transmitted through the skin. However, some parts of the body, particularly the clitoris, penis, nipples, fingertips, palms, lips, tongues, and soles of the feet have more densely packed nerve endings. These sites are sometimes called the erogenous zones – the most sensitive parts of both males and females bodies, and are important areas of exploration during foreplay.


4) Go Slow


The essence of foreplay is slowness. Anticipation and growing intensity are important in bringing a woman’s desire to the peak of her arousal, passionate kissing can be a good starting point. Begin by kissing and caressing each other’s bodies, but not the genitals. Massage, caress, and kiss her hands, wrists and toes moving gradually towards to her thigh, abdomen and then the outer breast before reaching for the nipples.


5) Do some Exploration


Women too often go straight for the penis and a lot of men are oft to complain that women don’t grab the penis firmly enough treating it gingerly. However if he cannot tolerate too much stimulation of his penis, just like women, many men have sensitive nipples, scrotums, and perineum which women can instead spend more time on.


6) Experiment with Different Rhythms


Tease him or her by arousing your partner, then backing off. There is increased anticipation when your partner never knows whether you will continue stroking or if you’re going to stop and change pattern. Variety is the spice of life and equally the spice of good foreplay. If you’ve been loving, slow, and soft, you might want to get a little more forceful, aggressive and a little more dominant, to liven things up just a little bit.


You can try high end sex toys for foreplay. Luxury sex toys are also great for showing your partner exactly what you need in the bedroom. You know you deserve those earth-shattering orgasms you have alone whenever you have sex, and if your partner isn’t quite getting you there, it’s time to show him or her how it’s done.


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