G spot

Mistakes That Most Men Make When Trying to Find the G-Spot

As a man learning how to make love to a woman is one of the few essential skills that you should have. It’s a skill of pleasing your partner in bed that you should attain, whether you want to have long-lasting relationships or be able to have that freedom to hop from one bed to another.


But there is a difference between being good between the sheets and having the ability to give a woman an orgasm that she is not bound to forget anytime soon. So how can you graduate from having relatively good skills in bed to being able to give women a mind-blowing orgasm? The answer is simple: G-spot location.


Below are the top three mistakes that men make when brushing up their skills at G-spot location, and what can be done about it.


1) Thinking That The G-Spot Is Merely: A Myth, So what’s the number one mistake that men make when it comes to g-spot location? Basically, it’s thinking that there is no such thing as a G-spot. Sure, most sexologists do believe that the G-spot does not actually exist.


The G-spot was named after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg who published studies in 1950, about “The Role of Urethra in Female Orgasm”. In his study, he indicated that there is such a thing as female ejaculation and that the urethral wall – which is now known as the G-spot – is an erogenous zone closest to the vaginal wall which is able to induce orgasms in women.


2) Thinking That The Only ‘Pleasure Button’ That Women Have Is The Clitoris: For most men, the clitoris or that bud which has a sole purpose of providing sexual pleasure is the only pleasure button that exists in a woman’s body. Again, it all boils down to believing that the G-spot does exist.


Technically, the G-spot is that area inside the vagina which is extremely sensitive to deep pressure. You can reach it using your fingers, your penis during penetration or with the help of quality sex toys such as luxury vibrators or Lelo vibrators. It can be stimulated through the anterior or front wall of the vagina, about five centimeters from the entrance. So if you still have this old-fashioned thinking that the clitoris is the only pleasure button that women have, think again. There is another area down there which you can turn into your ‘best friend’ and that is none other than the G-spot.


3) Going Straight For The ‘Grand Prize’: Just as it is with every other aspect of making love, locating the G-spot is something that you should not rush into. Don’t feel obligated to do the perfunctory kissing, petting and stroking her erogenous zones for a few minutes and then diving right in to clumsily find your way to the G-spot.


In conclusion G-spot location is an art that men should master. Try to steer clear of these above mentioned three mistakes about G-spot location and you can be on your way towards giving your partner in bed a mind-blowing, toe-curling, earth shattering orgasm.

Importance of Love and Sex

In todays busy world of stress and tension, most of the married couples find themselves disturbed between their hectic work life and home life. This further becomes more stressful when they have sensitive love and sex relationships at stake. Stress seems to be an epidemic and often triggers poor sleeping patterns. From there, it’s easy to slip into depression or anxiety both of which bring on more problems and issues, especially if you start taking medications for these difficulties.


People are not really aware about the importance of sex in their life. It is essential for you that you concentrate on having pleasurable sex in your life that can have brilliant positive effects in your life. Better love and sex relationships may help you a lot in relieving all the tensions and stress from your life.


For you it is important to take care of all the things in your married life that relates to love and sex. From kids to career, everything is to be taken seriously and affects your sex life. But better strategies in sex making can improve your sex life and quality of sex. This will automatically fill you up with fresh energy and boost you up with lots of refreshment reducing your stress and tensions.


Importance of Love and Sex


Better sex life is useful and important for all of us in various ways like -


  • It is better for life and personal relations.
  • Reduces the pain during menstruation in ladies.
  • Acts as a pain-killer.
  • Maintains the perfect figure and reduces the calories.
  • Reduces the depression of the mind.
  • Reduces the problem of infertility.
  • It is a best workout and looses calories to get you perfect tummy and abs.


It is also helpful in increasing the immunity and gives more immune power which further helps in fighting towards various diseases.

Sex is about feeling good about yourself and it should be fun. Don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to do, but always try to keep an open mind. So, communicate, change your routine, and try high quality sex toys and luxury vibrators like Lelo vibrators! Relationships require work. After all, aren’t they worth it?


Improving Sex For Couples – Did Anyone Say Vibrators?

One of the best parts of being married or in a long-term relationship is your deep intimacy with your partner. Your masks are gone and you can be fully yourselves – in the bedroom and out.


If you and your partner are looking for ways of improving sex for couples may we suggest introducing luxury vibrators like Lelo vibrators? Vibrators have been called a woman’s best friend and can perform miracles when used before or during sex.


Remember a vibrator is not just for solo play. Many couples find it fun when they add a vibrator into their sexual play. You can use the vibrator on your partner or your partner can control the vibration and speed by using a remote controlled vibrator. Most men find this extremely arousing, and it can be very educational for him as well. Either way, he should be aware of his partner’s body’s movements (like thrusting). The movements will likely intensify and speed up as orgasm approaches.


High end sex toys are becoming more and more mainstream and vibrators are the most popular sex toy to help with improving sex for couples. Today there are vibrators for literally every occasion so take your time, do your research and learn what different vibrators do. You may even consider getting more than one.


Rabbit vibrators are very popular, especially for those who prefer dual clitoral and vaginal stimulation. But there are many other types for vibrators available for those who are looking at ways of improving sex for couples.


There are vibrators specifically designed to enhance g-spot stimulation for the ladies and prostrate stimulation for men. Other common vibrators used for improving sex for couples include bullet/egg types, finger types, mini types and clitoral/discreet types of vibrators. Some vibrators are waterproof for extra fun in the shower, bath or hot tub and you can even get vibrators that have remote controls so you can give the driver’s wheel to your partner.


If you or your partner hasn’t explored the vibrators available today, you will be surprised by the wide range and variety available that are perfect for improving sex for couples. While classic and traditional models are still available for your erotic pleasure, there are those that have so many bells and whistles you and your lover won’t want to leave the bedroom.