Sexual Lubricants

Anal Sex and the Importance of Anal Lubricants

Anal sex often feels off limits; perhaps that is why so many people are curious about trying it. You must know that it does not matter how experienced you are, anal lubricants are essential because the anus and rectum do not naturally provide their own lubrication therefore intercourse without an anal lube would be a particularly painful experience. Anal lubricants help the participant to have more enjoyable anal sex.


Can anyone participate in anal sex?


A popular misconception surrounding anal sex is that it is solely the pursuit for gay men. This is not true. Many straight couple also take pleasure in this type of intercourse. Water-based anal lubricants and good quality condoms help to ease the penis into the anal passage more comfortably. However, it is imperative that intercourse is taken slowly as the lining of the rectum is fragile and can easily be damaged by energetic thrusting. This is especially the case if the ‘receiving’ partner is not completely relaxed. Whatever the sexuality of the couple, before engaging in this type of sex it is important to make sure that your partner is completely happy with it. If one partner does not take pleasure from anal intercourse, it is best to stick to sex that both parties are happy with.


Are there different kinds of anal lubricants available?


Anal lubes are not just available in the form of gels; coming either lightly scented or odorless, anal lubricants are also available in a range of sprays and creams. Anal lubes differ from everyday sexual lubricants are they are specifically designed to be used with condoms, and aim to relax the muscles around the anal area without losing any sexual sensations therefore allowing for easier penetration. Anal lubricants are now designed with the needs of men and women in mind, and can also be employed with the use anal high end sex toys such as luxury vibrators, Lelo vibrators and many more.


Why use a condom for anal sex?


It is advisable to always use a condom when participating in anal sex. Not only does this significantly reduce the likelihood of contracting a sexually transmitted infection, but it also reduces the risk of pregnancy. A woman can still get pregnant from anal intercourse although the risk of this is lower than from vaginal sex. If a condom is not used, semen could easily seep out of the anus and into the vaginal passage.


The most important thing to remember where pleasurable anal sex is concerned is choosing a good quality anal lubricant.


Finally when you have all the necessary items to have sex, it is time for you to first relax. Pain will most certainly occur is the receiver is tense and clenching their sphincter muscles. A hot bath or massage is great beforehand and as things progresses you will want to play with the anal rim first and then slowly penetrate with ample lubricant.