High Quality Sex Toys – An Egg Vibrator

What came first – the chicken or the egg? Perhaps not such a confusing question is “what is an egg vibrator” – and we’ve got an answer that everyone can agree on.


This extremely popular of luxury vibrator is easy to use, versatile, and feels great – so much so, you may never want to leave home without it. The egg vibrator should be an essential part of your toy collection because of their simplicity, diversity and mobility.


Why Are They Called “Eggs”?


So it might not be the sexiest name out there, but if the name fits… These luxury vibrators are called eggs because of their shape. They look like eggs and their shape is contoured to perfectly fit a woman, making them heavy duty sex enhancers.


And thanks to their egg shape, they really do work! They can be inserted inside, but eggs do their best work as clitoral stimulators. They are small in size, measuring in at about three inches in length, and its compact size makes them great for masturbation alone or as a participant that doesn’t get in the way during sex. Available in all types of colors, materials and textures, there’s an egg out there with your name on it.


And there are so many different types of these sex toys online. You can get ones that are controlled using a remote control, put one in your panties to keep it in place, or get a wireless one for those days when you’re on the move. There are even ones that are voice activated – so tell your partner to speak up!


How Loud Are Egg Vibrators?


Since they are so small and compact, these high end sex toys are fairly quiet and produce less noise then their larger vibrator counterparts. This makes them even more attractive to use as a traveling companion. They make more of a hum then a vibrating noise – imagine what that hum will feel like on your most sensitive area. And since they are so small, discreet and quiet, you can wear them under your clothes when you go to work, go shopping, go out for dinner or go to the movies.


When can I use The Egg Vibrator?


They may be primary used as clitoral stimulators, but egg vibrators can also me used during erotic foreplay massage. For the maximum amount of pleasure, massage the vagina, the penis, testicles, anus, back, arms, legs, or anywhere that tickles you fancy with your vibrating egg, because those pulsating vibes feel great pretty much anywhere. The egg is great to use during foreplay because it fits so perfectly into the palm of your hand – just cup it into your palm and go places on your partner that needs some attention. There’s no right or wrong way to use them. Have fun experimenting, take it to new places and enjoy your new egg vibrator.

What Sex Toys Are The Most Popular?

Too many to mention or list is the simple answer, there is the common dildo, and anal vibrators, cocks rings and even sex machines that do literally what you would expect them to. The most popular toy however is the dildo; it is great for both male and female and can be used before, during or after sex. High quality sex toys are a great addition to any couples sex life.


Dildos come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and abilities. Some are very basic, some are designed to mimic the real deal not only in size but texture too while others can have two heads, have rotating parts and additional clitoral stimulators.


Some of the odd shapes are designed to hit the G-spot and others are for better anal penetration, some of these fun filled quality sex toys even glow in the dark. They can have bulbous sections and ridges and the whole point of these non-male additions is to give great pleasure.


One of the most famous and hugely popular dildos is the Rabbit, this funky gadget has a number of speed settings, a section of rotating pearls and the all important rabbit head to stimulate the clitoris.


Beads and balls can also be used to heighten sexual pleasure and are functional for both sexes, while the standard ranges of anal sex toys include the anal vibrator, butt plugs and booty beads.


Men are not left out; they have a whole host of things to chose from such as hand held masturbating devices that mimic the vagina or anus. Cock rings which help to increase sensitivity and orgasm and even pumps and enlarging systems.


Sex shouldn’t be limited to the bedroom either, that bathroom can provide a whole new array of opportunities and there are a number of toys designed for use n this room. There is a vibrating rubber duck and sponges, shower/bath resistant dildos and even suction handcuffs.


Sex dolls are also hugely popular and not just the basic blow up type either, there are talking ones which have a parts that are as close to real as you can get and these include mouth, anus and vagina as well as breasts.


For additional pleasure there is a wide range of lubricants, gels and creams. Some are for flavor purposes while others either increase sensitivity or decrease it depending on the action that is about to take place.


No matter which type of toy you opt for as long as you can have an open mind and not get hung up on stereo types you are going to have some serious and erotic fun with them, whether you are flying solo or you are using them with a partner.


Under no circumstances do the addition of sex toys to a couples life mean that either party is not fully enjoying the love making anymore, it simply means you have been together long enough to explore new horizons and take the pleasure to the next level with the aid of some fun and funky luxury sex toys.

How To Make Her Feel Comfortable Outside The Bedroom?

Get her into a light and happy mood before you get intimate with her. The best way to do is to start outside the bedroom because women tend to take a bit longer than men to get into the mood.


A great way to get her to ease up is to plan a night out with your girl and her friends and their boyfriends and head to a night spot where booze and loud music abound. Encourage them to dance together and have fun. The pumping music and the free flow of alcohol will gradually let her to lower down her defenses and get wild. On reaching home, you keep the vibe going with your girl. You will be surprised to see how crazy she can be in private.


If your girl is not the party-type, how about cooking her a meal? To a woman, the sight of a man cooking competently is its own aphrodisiac. Offer her a glass of wine. As the evening progresses, both of you will begin to lower your guards. It is at this point that things should take a sexual turn. While she is helping you to clean up after the meal, you slide up behind her, plant kisses on her neck and cultivate the ultimate in anticipation.


If you can’t cook, you can treat her to a dinner in her favorite eating outlet. You set up a hot dinner date. Buy her a sexy outfit and ask her to wear it when she is having dinner with you. When she dresses sexy, she is likely to feel sexy. She doesn’t need to dress like Lady Gaga, probably just a short black dress and lacy lingerie will do, or anything that is sexy with good taste.


You can get each other in the mood by watching porn together or by reading some stimulating erotic fiction. Even if she is not much into watching porn, she may be opened to add in a video or two. You can also find quality sexy stories available all over the Internet and in bookstores.


Playing sexual broad games is also a great way to help both of you to get started before getting dirtier in bed together. You can find these kinds of games online and in sex toys online stores. These are usually aimed at couples that want to add some excitement to their love life. These games should give you some ideas to heat up the bedroom temperature. You can also use your imagination to create your own game together with her at home. The idea is to get both of you to open up and start trying things out. If all else fails, you can always fall back on the classic strip poker or the old standard of Truth or Dare.


To spice things up, you can show her your artistic side by getting temporary tattoos, body paints and crayons which you can apply directly on you and her body. The beauty of this activity is that both of you need to shed some clothes and touch each other to do it. It is a unique way to get things started with both of you almost naked running your hands up and down on each other’s body and applying your own brand of creative art.


As you progress further into the night, you can pique her interest by joining her in the shower or bath. Lather her up and linger over her curves, tracing patterns along her skin and touching her all over. After the shower is over, offer to massage her by using her favorite lotion to get her relaxed into your touch as you gradually shift your movements into sensual caresses. She will be begging more for it after all that pampering.

The Crazy Things You Can Do With Her

Before you get into some crazy fun, there are some things you should take note.


(1) Discuss with your partner


It is best to talk about what you are going to do ahead of the time and be sure that it turns you both on. Discuss with your partner to try the different roles and the different kinds of kinky sex like silks, feathers, spanking, etc. You do not have to tell him or her exactly what you are planning. In fact, sometimes surprises are fun. Of course, you should not do anything your partner hates, either.


(2) Plan ahead


For a start, try to keep things simple. You do not need to spend a lot of money. In the beginning, thick yarn is just as good as ropes or chains. Keep a scissors handy so that you can cut the yarn quickly instead of trying to undo stuck knots. Try out your equipment ahead of time. Make sure it can be easily located when in need. If you are trying on these handcuffs, make sure you know where the key is.


(3) Play safe


Never cross the line into real pain or hurt. Be sure to agree on a code that mean ‘stop’. If your scene involves gagging your partner, establish another way that the person can say ‘enough’. One way to approach this is to get the gagged partner to hold on a bell or some other object, and drop it if things get to be too much. Never leave a bound or gagged person alone, and never block a person’s breathing passage.


(4) Trust


You should not try anything weird with someone you don’t know, or just meet at the pub. This is because bondage sex involves some form of surrender which requires the submission partner to be in a very vulnerable state. Never indulge in sadomasochistic or bondage sex play when you are angry with each other or when your relationship is having other problems which could run over into your erotic games.


Here are some abnormal but sexy things you can try on.


(1) Get some luxury sex toys ready


You can easily get some spanking high end sex toys inexpensively from a large number of sources. Wooden spoons, paint stirrers and rubber or plastic ice scrapers of the kind you use to clear ice from a windshield all make excellent tools.


Next time when you visit a sex toys online store, you can look for some remote-controlled luxury vibrators and butt plugs. You can attach a remote-controlled toy on your partner and then you go out to dinner with friends. During the evening, your friends can swap control of the remote controller device, keeping your partner guessing who is playing with the remote controller.


You can get her to wear a dildo vaginally throughout the day even when she sleeps, or the receiving partner get to wear an anal plug as he or she does errands or housework. This makes it impossible for the receiving partner to ignore the penetration, whatever else he or she is doing. This in turn can keep the receiving partner to keep thinking about and consistently crave for sexual stimulation.


(2) Erotic games


This can be by means of creating a punishment box. Inside this box is a set of cards, each of which has an erotic punishment written on it. If the receiving partner ‘misbehaves’, he or she has to draw out a punishment card at random from the box. Or, you can get your partner to create the ‘punishment’ cards on his/her own preferably when he/she is aroused because people who are aroused will think of devious things that they will not dream of in a normal state of mind.


Of course, the contents of the punishment box will depend on the person involved. Some basic punishments may include not allowing him/her to have an orgasm for the next 2 days, to get spanked or to wear clothespins on his or her nipples for half an hour.


(3) Looking into fetish


People who have a particular sexual fixation fall under the category of a fetish enthusiast. The object of sexual fixation can be hands, feet, fingernails, lipstick, women’s lingerie, footwear, glasses, braids, pony-tails, pig-tails etc. Put on a pair of ladies underwear or cross dress if you are a guy or get her to ‘shower’ you with her ‘wet love’ if you are game for it.


These are only a few but there are tons of things you can try. The good thing is, when comes to sex, women love to try new things. If she is apprehensive, take the time to discuss her concerns and be willing to slow down. All you need is communication and patience. This is the path to good sex.