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Things That Just Might Improve Your Sex Life

You ever find your sex life lacking? Not that it is terrible, but perhaps it seems a little more repetitive. Many of us have faced that at one point. But, just what are some of the things we can do to help add a little more spice to our sex life? I’ll share with you a few things that you may have never considered. Or, perhaps you just need a little coaxing.


Luxury Toys: Why should kids have all the fun? We adults have plenty of sex toys online to choose at our disposal. There is everything from the standard luxury vibrators to some very out there stuff. Many of us would be quite happy with the basics like massaging aids or such.


Role Playing: This is one that may be more popular that we would initially think. Many of us have fantasies, and this is the perfect opportunity to explore those fantasies. You ever fantasized about having a flight attendant provide you with more than snacks? Perhaps that could happen if you role played it.


Creams and Gels: This is my personal favorite section. There is a huge selection of creams and gels for every facet of our sex lives. There are ones to improve stimulation, reduce stimulation, increase performance and more. Another benefit to creams and gels is that it is the easiest to convince a lover to try. This is the section to start with when trying to spice up you love life.


Trying to spice up a love life can be a difficult thing to accomplish. It can be hard to bring it up with a partner. Trying to convince a lover to help you fulfill a fantasy through role playing can be difficult, but using a cream or gel is a great way to break the ice. Everyone’s sex life deserves it.


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Are Multiple Orgasms Possible?

For some women, one orgasm is plenty. They may find that their clitoris is simply too sensitive after the first orgasm to enjoy additional ones. For them, multiple orgasms can be uncomfortable unless done correctly. Others are good to go for more with no special treatment or preparation.


Men experience a recovery period after ejaculation called a refractory period during which additional orgasms are impossible. But women don’t have this refractory period and are actually in a plateau stage after an orgasm during which they can stay aroused. If stimulation continues, they can have multiple orgasms.


Sequential Multiples


Sequential multiple orgasms are a series of climaxes accompanied by interruptions in arousal in between. In these cases, a woman may need several seconds of relaxation before she’s ready for stimulation to continue. Then, another orgasm is possible within only a few minutes. This sometimes happens if the clitoris is stimulated orally or manually to climax and quickly followed by another climax during intercourse, but it can also happen other ways.


Often, a woman finds that her clitoris is exceptionally sensitive following a first orgasm. In these cases, the activity may be able to continue if she or her partner indirectly stimulates another part of her genitals instead. She may also find that taking deep breaths and rocking the pelvis in time with her breathing helps get her back in the mood. Within just a few minutes, pleasure once again takes over from over-stimulation and sex can continue.


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Serial Multiples


Serial multiples follow one after another without any sort of interruption. Arousal continues, and the orgasms can happen only seconds apart. In these cases, it may feel like multiple peak points within the same orgasm. To achieve this, in most cases, the clitoris and the G-spot must be stimulated simultaneously.


For some women, the second or third orgasms are more intense than the first, while others find successive orgasms decreasingly intense.


A major difference between women and men is that women are able to have multiple female orgasms. This means that after a man has reached orgasm once, he is unable to have another one straight away, but many women are capable of having another orgasm in succession.


It’s true that not all women can have multiple orgasms, but many can. It helps for you to have an understanding of your body, and a partner who also understands what is required for you to have another. You may be quite content that you are able to achieve one orgasm – but there is no need to stop there if you don’t want to.


If you have had problems reaching even one orgasm during sex, then this needs to be focused on initially. When you know how to achieve one, it can become much easier to have multiple orgasms if you wish.


With a woman’s body, it’s important to remember gentleness. When intercourse has finished, the clitoris can be particularly sensitive for many women. This means that rigorously touching it will result in discomfort rather than pleasure. There is a greater chance for multiple orgasms, if the clitoris is gently touched.


This is a major factor in why women favor oral sex so much. The clitoris can be stimulated directly in a gentle manner. The laws of chivalry say “ladies first”, and this also applies bedroom activities. Allowing the woman to achieve an orgasm first will mean that she will be more likely to have another one later in the sexual liaison.


Time should be taken to reach multiple orgasms. The longer the build-up is, the greater the climatic feeling will be, and the chances of reaching multiple female orgasms will be increased. Just before she is about to orgasm, slow things down for a while, and then continue.


Some positions are better suited to multiple orgasms than others. For instance, there is a better of a woman achieving multiple orgasms if they are on top during sex. This gives greater control over clitoral stimulation during the act of sex, and allows her to ensure the g-spot is properly stimulated.


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