Should You Use These Secret Weapons For Oral Sex?

One way to add more interest and spice to oral sex is to include some mens sex toys. While some of these types of toys might be more commonly used to please a woman, they can also add an additional level of intensity to a man’s fellatio experience. Let us look at two of the most popular sex toys online available:




A vibrator can often be used to excite a man during oral sex. While you are stroking his penis with your tongue and mouth, you can also be massaging the base of his penis, or his sensitive perineum area with a small vibrator.


The perineum, which is the area between the anus and the scrotum, is extremely sensitive, and most men love to have this area massaged manually during oral sex. Using luxury vibrators instead of manual massage can be an exciting twist. There are also vibrators that are designed to be fitted on the tongue, which can be a fun variation on oral sex.




There are also other toys that you can use to increase the pleasure of fellatio. Some men enjoy using a penis ring, which not only makes the penis harder and larger, but it also produces a more intense ejaculation. Using a penis ring not only intensifies the sensations, but is often a mental thrill for the man.


There are also a number of different lubricants that can be used during this act. Some of these provide different sensations, such as warmth or tingling, or add flavors, which can be an exciting addition to oral sex, both for the man as well as the woman.



What Is Best For You?


If this sounds a little advanced for you then do not worry. Nobody should make you do anything you are not comfortable with.


If you would like to learn some of the basic techniques for fantastic fellatio or even if you are ready for the more advanced methods, help is at hand nowadays.

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Improve Orgasms with Arousing Sex Positions

There are quite a few arousing sex positions that are known to improve orgasms specifically for either gender. During intercourse, it all comes down to positioning. Were you aware that an inch of position variation can completely change the way an orgasm feels as well as the intensity level of a climax? This is why it is vital to take the time out to experiment in the bedroom with the angles used in each position in order to find what works the best for not only yourself, but also your partner.


Sex Position for Improving a Woman’s Orgasm


The reverse missionary, also known as the cowgirl, is one of the easiest and most effective sex positions that allow a woman to reach an orgasm. This position is similar to the well-known missionary position, but the only difference is that the woman instead of the man is on top. With the reverse missionary, a woman has complete control over the speed and strength of the friction experienced on her clitoris and g-spot.


In most cases, it is advantageous to allow the female to reach her climax before the male. When the woman feels she is close to having an orgasm, both her and her partner can shift their positions in order to give the man a little more control. For instance, since the way you situate your legs can totally change the entire sexual encounter, you can try to change it up by either spreading them further apart or pulling them closer together–whatever works feels the best for you both.


Sex Position for Improving a Man’s Orgasm


Even though many men get satisfaction from the missionary position, the doggy style sex position is a favorite because it not only allows the man to have excellent control, but it also provides several other unbeatable benefits. For instance, when having vaginal intercourse from this position, the chances increase for the man to hit his partner’s g-spot. Also, the male can reach other erogenous zones during intercourse, such as the back, neck, clitoris, and breasts.


Of course, out of all of the previously mentioned benefits, penetration control is the best. During the doggy style sex position, the man can penetrate the woman as deeply as he wants, giving both partners a lot of satisfaction and pleasure. However, take care to not hit her cervix because that can cause a woman a great deal of pain.


As you continue to experiment in the bedroom with new and exciting sex positions, you will soon realize that many of them are extremely similar to one another. And after awhile, there is a good chance the positions you like the best will become dull and boring. This is why you must not only discover new sex positions, but also infuse excitement into your sexual encounters. Simply put, it will hurt to approach sex with your partner in interesting and inventive ways–having sex in a different place or an unusual area of your house or perhaps integrate food or luxury sex toys like luxury vibrators into your lovemaking.


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Sex Secrets For Some Saucy Sex

Use these red hot tips to spice up your sex life!


There is no alternative to a great kiss to get things started. You can alternate these movements between a poke of the tongue at times and a swirling movement next. There is nothing like this sensation to set the set for some great sex.


You could even try some erotic pinches. Find her pleasure spots and then go for some soft pinches. See her come to life within minutes with these tips!


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Taking a bath together is a great way of adding the spark to your sex. Use some bath salts. Your arms should be around her, fondling the whole of her breasts while you make love to her.


You could even try an exfoliation on him for some added fun. Get him blindfolded and start with his chest and neck. Then, slowly get to his feet and arms. Make sure you attend to his wrists and knees also. The feet are incredibly sensitive and have a number of nerve endings. When you stimulate them in the right manner, you get a slow but deep arousal.


Here’s something interesting we found- you could try running down a string of pearls (even fake ones) down his penis together with lots of lubricants!


All couples should use blindfolds at times to get the most out of sex. Using a blindfold shuts out the world so that you can focus on your skin and all the wonderful sensations you are experiencing at that moment. Sex need not be regular and boring for couples. Use these sex secrets to get the most out of it!


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Luxury Sex Toys – The Clit Stick

If you are one of the many women in the world who would want to achieve fast and intense clitoral stimulation, then the Clit Stick which is one of the well known luxury sex toys for women is the one that you are looking for. It is one of the high end sex toys for female that was made by a woman for the modern woman of this new generation.


It is a fact that females have different love buttons – or those we call the “erogenous zones” – and not all experience the same methods of climaxing. It is also a given truth that clitoral, vaginal and G-spot orgasms vary from one woman to another. One may experience either one of the given ways of having an orgasm, the other may be more geared towards clitoral orgasm, and the other may not have an orgasm at all. The latter is perhaps, hindered from experiencing such thing due to lack of experience, frigidness, hesitancy to explore the body, or all of the above. That’s why high quality sex toys for ladies were invented so as to help them break through the walls of “backwardness” and embrace the beauty of what the future holds. As the saying goes, “Love yourself before loving others.” So love your body, please your body, discover your body, then you will be able to please your partner in return


Sex toys online for girls, specifically the Clit Stick, is a perfect starter toy for women who are new to the world of adult novelties and sexual exploration.




  • It may have only one vibration mode but it is so powerful and convenient to use
  • It is so silent and offers total discretion
  • Embedded nodules with different textures are embedded on the 4 head attachments or clitoral arousal discs that are included in the package
  • Made from high quality plastic material
  • Waterproof and highly durable
  • The ridges which are embedded on the sides allow you to have a better grip of the toy




  • You can use the Clit Stick alone or with a partner in providing you with what you need when it comes to optimizing your sexual life
  • Great for both advanced users and beginners
  • Can be used for targeted stimulation of various erogenous zones of the vulva by using this smooth piece
  • Female vibrators and female sex toys may offer different levels of sensations, but the Clit Stick can please the labia, clitoris and periurethral area since they all have a lot of nerve endings
  • A comfortable reach and easy handling is guaranteed to provide you with pin point motion or action
  • The flat interchangeable / removable discs are perfect for stimulation and give you the option to choose the desired sensation of your choice
  • A ridged knob located on the base controls the multi speed and powerful vibrations (high to low dial to direct intensity)
  • Water proof and comes with a free designer pouch
  • The embedded nodes will tickle and massage the clitoris and the external portions of the clitoral area
  • Encases the clitoris in a blissful world of vibrating satisfaction
  • Control your orgasms and find your hotspots with ease


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