Sports to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Ladies, has your creativity in the bedroom gone south? Have you already danced for your significant other, added food to the bedroom, or played doctor/patient? Does your mate seem to be more interested in watching television than engaging in intimacy with you? Guess what ladies; your man is probably bored in the bedroom. He is probably highly interested in making love to you but tired of doing things the old way. If you are ready to bring the sexiness back into your bedroom, then I strongly recommend that you consider learning how to call sports plays in the bedroom.


Reasons to Learn Sports Plays


1) Your partner will never expect it: When you take time to sit down a watch a game with your man, start asking him questions about certain plays that are made. As he sees your desire to “learn” more about the game he loves, the more he feels like an expert. This is the beginning phase to foreplay.


2) Stimulate creative sex positions: Yes, ladies you can develop sexual positions in your bathroom while calling out plays. For example, if your mate likes doggie style, then jazz it up by playing center and quarterback. Rather than having both elbows on the bed, you may want to pass the “ball” (your favorite high end sex toys, luxury vibrators you find in your closet or wherever your creativity takes you) to him. This will help him to get into his role as being the anchor of the team.


3) Gives partner extra stamina: If you ask any man around you who loves sports, there is nothing like a woman who is able to get into sports more than her man. If woman is able to call plays and yell at the screen just as much as her man, it stimulates a man more. Why you might ask? Most women do not like watching sports for one reason or another. Now imagine calling out “par” in the bedroom. Your man will be so hot and bothered (especially if he is a golf fan) that even if he were tired he would find enough strength to do it again as he wants to be on top (he wants that eagle).


4) Connects you with your partner: Your partner would love for you to watch sports with him but knows that this may not be possible. However, if you are willing to add sports plays in the bedroom your mate will feel like he is connecting with you on another level. Just think ladies, how many women do you know that would add sports into the bedroom? I am sure you can count a few who would but most would not. You would be the “woman” to beat as yes ladies, men talk about their sex lives with their boys just as we do with our girls.


5) It’s fun: You can have a lot of fun with sports in the bedroom. It gives you new ways to let your partner know if he is in the correct position to have you experience an orgasm or let him know if he is not doing it right. It makes fun for new ways to communicate your sexual needs without boredom.


Ladies if you are ready to spice up your bedroom with some new tricks, you may want to consider adding sports plays to your repertoire. It’s fun, exciting, and will definitely please your man. So if you have never thought about sports in the bedroom and are ready to kick it up a notch, start calling out those plays. Your mate will thank you for it and you will enjoy it as well.

How to Please Your Guy for His Unforgettable Orgasm?

There are easy and effective ways to learn how to excite your man beyond belief. Here are some highly effective male orgasm tips.


1) Spice up your foreplay


It’s often thought that only the girls like extended foreplay, but guys definitely dig foreplay when done right. You can slowly tease your guy and he’ll go crazy. Men are turned on by many things. Legs, breasts, and bums, are the three big areas. Creatively allow him to enjoy these attractive female attributes and you will effectively prime him up for great sex to follow.


2) Oral Sex


One of the best male orgasm tips has to do with oral sex. Guys love it. Start out slow, ease into it, and then become more active. This definitely gets guys very excited and likely will lead to them thinking about the amazing experience for days, weeks, or years to come!


3) Be Vocal!


Whether it is oral sex or actual sex, being vocal is a great turn on guys love to hear. Especially in regards to oral sex it provides elements of vibration which further enhance the experience. During sexual intimacy it is a big turn on hearing that you are also enjoying the experience. Being vocal is a great aspect of male orgasm tips because even if you are not skilled in tricks and techniques, you can always rely on your voice to excite him beyond belief.


Here are some other effective tips for pleasuring males. They include:


  • Practicing different positions.
  • Using luxury sex toys such as luxury vibrators and lubricants.
  • Wearing sexy outfits or lingerie.
  • Surprising him naked.
  • Practicing intimacy in the shower.


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Sex Toys for Your Personal Needs

There are different kinds of adult toys today. They are made to fit with the needs and fantasies of couples and individuals alike. These include a wide variety of rings, luxury vibrators, dolls and others that are created to assist you and your partner in having pleasurable lovemaking. You can use any sex toy of your preference to have a better orgasm for yourself, for your partner or for both of you. These toys may come in a complete kit so that you will have everything you need ready at your own disposal. You can also buy them individually. In lovemaking intensified by these tools, both you and your partner will have a good time.


If you are a man and you are not given a large cock, you can make up for it using Lelo vibrators and pussy ticklers. Most single people also use an adult toy to compensate for the lack of a companion whenever the urge to have an orgasm kicks in. Instead of mulling over the idea of being alone, you can enjoy yourself with the high quality sex toys kit that you have purchased beforehand. You are also guaranteed that you will not get any disease especially if the kit is privately used. The sex toy kit is made to help you achieve that fantastic state of bliss after a satisfying release. You can use it whenever you feel like it, wherever you are. A simple orgasmic ring can be carried in your purse, ready to be used anytime. In cases where couples use toys, their lovemaking is made more passionate that they will crave for more.


People who prefer anal sex can also make use of butt plugs. With this, you can touch yourself while also experiencing pleasure in the anal region. You can do this alone, which will not be achievable without the aid of a sex toy. People who fantasize about amazing sex positions, which look unattainable because of the limitations of the human body, can find the solution with the help of sex toys. You can give your partner this kit as a gift so that both of you can help each other achieve the ultimate happiness. Some people also give this gift to their friends who are in a relationship with the same gender. Homosexuals can make do with anal toy kits, men and women can use different versions of cock rings, dildos, luxury vibrators and dongs.


If you are a single man, you can use a love doll to soothe your needs. There are also other mens sex toys which you can use for your time all alone. Until the right girl comes, you can help yourself with high end sex toys that will give you the same, if not more, pleasure. The fun thing is that you can have an orgasm while imagining any woman you want as your partner. The love doll, along with other sex toys online, can compensate for her absence. There is no need to feel alone and rejected when you can spend your times productively with the use of these toys. And to top it all off, there is no risk of getting somebody pregnant unexpectedly.

Bathmate Hydromax Hydropump

Bathmate Hydromax Hydropump for Longer Sex

When an individual is wishing to look for some options, then browsing can lead him on the right path. Browsing can help you to accumulate all sorts of benefits for you. You can engage yourself in the act of browsing, so that the browsing can help you much.


There is a number of options which an individual wish to get it so. One such option is an individual does crave for the option of having a long penis or the penis to be extendable. In such cases, you will have to look out for the options which can benefit you in a right manner, whereby making you reach the goals.


Bathmate Hydromax Hydropump is one of the luxury mens sex toys which can make you get accumulated of the options whichever you wish to get it so. The Hydromax has a Super Flow Latch Valve system. This improved valve system allows for single hand filling in the shower, making using and positioning the hydropump much easier.


The option of longing for a longer sex is manageable when one has the longer penis which can make him to experience the longer moments of being pleasurable. Being pleasurable is much easier, when you use these pumps, whereby you can get the longer penis and also the sexual pleasure can make you feel better.


Male enhancement is what you look for, and this option of getting the longer penis and by being pleasurable by enjoying the happier sex with your partner by contributing the active participation is what you wish to give your partner. Then you will have to use these pumps and devices by choosing according to your size of penis which can help you much.


Such an option of using these devices can help you to have the sex in a pleasurable manner. Also, these devices can be usable both in water and in air, whereby the benefits are much better in water. As these devices are much handy and portable, you can use them anywhere under the Sun. The benefit which you accumulate is definitely visible, whereby you can look out the option of getting the longer penis on using it much regularly. Spending 15 minutes a day can help you to get what you crave for.


Using Bathmate Hydromax Hydropump, you can stay with much of the erection while handling sex with your partner. You will definitely have to experience the benefits by using it much regularly.


Also, these penis enlargers not only help you to get what you require, but also help you in getting prevented from the option of getting premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.


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Diverse Sorts of Male Sex Toys

Males nowadays would want to buy male sex toys. A good reason for this is that men sometimes are single and wish for sex toys to deal with their sexual needs. You’ll find different types of high quality sex toys exclusively build for men. The most prevalent one are cock rings. Its belief that rings are widely-used by individuals who are could not maintain a harden and those that are susceptible to impotence problems. That isn’t the situation. There are lots of individuals that use rings for some other reasons.


A ring is worn usually on the base of the penis and so this helps he to scale back the flow of blood male organ. As a result a male will be able to keep going longer and may maintain a harder erection to get a long time. Even though this is beneficial for those that have erection problems, they are recommended for many who strive to be adventurous.


Rings are loved by couples considering that from the rings you can adjust the diameter before sex. Because it is enables you to have a very longer and harder erection, your lover can be really happy and you’ll even leave her with multiple orgasms.


Rings are additionally for people who want to stay longer, want harder erections but don’t desire to eat any kind of chemicals or pills. Additionally, there are rings that have magnet within them. This can help in maintaining a linger erection and men can last longer using this type of ring.


These rings are made of silicone and magnets. Magnets work as a gate, gripping your penis and allowing a stronger erection.


It is said that rings must not be worn for more than Thirty minutes and if you rings help make your penis numb, it is always good to get rid of the ring. Accusation in court a precautionary thing you’ll want to take care of.


So if a person experiences any kind of pain when using rings they should take the ring off.


Some rings have things attached to them which can stimulate the clit and this has two advantages. Some women love clit stimulation and penetration at the same time.


Another famous male sex toy is flashlight. This sex toy resembles a vagina and this is famous among men. When you use flashlight it is always good doing his thing with a lube tube. Lubricant will give you an awesome sensation and definitely will increase sensitivity.


Types of Sex Toys Blokes Prefer

Well women like luxury sex toys like dildos and luxury vibrators, but males are also not far behind! You can find different ranges of males sex toys online readily available nowadays. Any man who wants toy for masturbation can test different male adult novelties that are offered out there.


One of the most famous mens sex toy is flesh light. Guys who are heterosexual love this sex toy due to the fact it resembles a vagina.


Men can masturbate using this type of sex toy and fantasize about the girl concurrently. You can find different types of fleshlight goods that are available. For examples try Fleshlight Pink Lady Masturbation Sleeve with a lube. You need a lube tube for lubrication.


These high end sex toys can also help a person to take care of their premature ejaculation. The fleshlight is nearly just like the real thing. So men can practice and create stamina simply using a fleshlight product which includes ribs.


Ribs give some additional sensation to men, so men can ejaculate faster. This will help men to practice and also hold their erection longer.


However, there are very different sort of techniques like using the stop and start method. Another highlight is the squeeze method. Employing a fleshlight technique is also a good idea. A fleshlight product also comes along with stamina training unit and this stamina training units may help you build your stamina around the bed.


This really is great for lot of people and several guys who are susceptible to premature ejaculation have benefited applying this product.


This toy is awesome for those who don’t have a spouse or when you girlfriend maybe wife is just not in mood. That moment you can use your fleshlight. You can obtain almost the very same pleasure as having sex.


If you are contemplating buying fleshlight sex toy, you can always buy a good lube tube although you can get a lube with it when you purchase it.


For using the fleshlight, it is good to use it by putting the fleshlight sleeve in domestic hot water and then getting and after that adjusting it with the fleshlight case. It’s also sensible to put some lube on you in addition, on the fleshlight before using it.


After making use of it can also be imperative that you make sure that you clean your fleshlight. This can be achieved by utilizing warm water again and dipping the fleshlight sleeve in warm water. If you are careful, you should use your fleshlight sex toy for life. You can get the awesome a sense having sex with a woman.

Male Sexual Health Is As Important As a Man’s Beating Heart

People who have frequent sex live longer, healthier, and happier lives. Couples who maintain their sexual health are the usual people whose relationships last for a long time. Looking after your own sexual health is important as it can be both emotionally and physically detrimental to your well being, as well as taxing on relationships and personal confidence.


Male Sexual Health


Good male sexual health is defined as ability to perform satisfactory sexual intercourse which is satisfying to both man and his partner and enhances their overall relationship. The key to male sexual health is an abundance of healthy sperm. Male sexual health is incredibly important to the overall health of many men, and must be taken seriously.


There are numerous occupations where male sexual health is at risk and you could be employed in one of them if your job involves any of the following, organic solvents, mercury, radiation (x-ray), radioactive substances, benzene, boron, heavy metals and toxic chemicals.


Men who won’t go to the doctor about male sexual health issues let themselves suffer agonizing worry. Male sexual health is often placed at risk on account of a whole range of sexual disorders and among all the sexual problems suffered by men; erectile dysfunction is a prominent one.


Erectile Dysfunction


Impotence, or erectile dysfunction, is distressing and can occur for a number of reasons. It is both alarming and reassuring to understand that 52% of all men will suffer some degree of impotence during their lives. Impotence is a male sexual health issue that describes the inability to maintain an adequate erection for a long enough period of time to satisfy your and your partner’s sexual needs. With more than 50 percent of men over the age of 35 suffering erectile dysfunction, the age of male sexual health is well and truly upon us.


Male Sexual Wellness


Male sexual wellness can be improved by exercise and healthy living and this means a diet that is natural. If you have a good all round diet, take moderate exercise and restrict recreational drugs the above supplements will help you not only increase libido but give you all round health benefits as well. It has been found that following a male sexual health exercise plan will greatly reduce the risk of prostate cancer, bladder problems and impotence well into old age.




Substances that can cause erectile dysfunction include alcohol, cigarettes, high blood pressure medication, anti-anxiety medication, antidepressants, cocaine, and major tranquillisers such as Melleril. When erectile dysfunctions are smoking related, they cannot be completely cured with medications like Viagra.


Best treatment options combine sex psychology counselling, nutrient supplementation and medication in the short term, following risk assessment by a qualified medical professional. Your healthcare provider can talk with you about whether these prescription medications are a good option for you.




There are certain exercises which help you regain incredibly hard erection by supplying fresh blood and energy around your genital area. However, just like any other exercise regime, a male sexual health exercise program needs to be done very day. Along with pumping iron and aerobic exercise, men are toning their pelvic muscles, often weakened from wear and tear coupled with lack of knowledge and the natural aging process.


To make matters easier, try incorporating a prostate massager a luxury mens sex toy into the mix, such as the Aneros deVice Prostate Massager, a battery free prostate massager that’s perfectly suited for hands free and handle free stimulation. This hands free high end sex toy allows you to use your hands to do other pleasurable things.




Male sexual problems are often =caused by psychological factors such as when a man thinks that sex is sinful because of his religious beliefs, or when there’s a lack of attraction for a partner and traumatic events from his past. Male sexual problems are often endured for years before the affected person seeks clinical help.


These days, however, common male sexual problems are openly discussed because man has learned that there are many solutions available and they can actually avail of them quite easily. Most male sexual problems are caused by natural conditions, so the best way to treat them is with a natural product.

The Hormonal Effects on Men’s Sexual Health

Hormones, or chemical messengers, have vital roles to play so far as our bodies are concerned. On the directions of the pituitary glands, which are based at the ulterior end of the hypothalamus, these hormones enter into the directed cells and alter their functions.


The condition of your sexual health is the surest sign of your overall well being. If it’s a bumpy ride strained by frustration and despair, signs will be reflected in the way you look and behave. Similarly, if it’s hot and happening, you’re likely to have a cheerful disposition. Also, a successful marriage depends a lot on sexual satisfaction for both partners. But why does your sexual health impact you so much? The answer to this question is embedded at the very heart of human physiology.


Male Hormones and Their Development


Hormones play a determining role in assigning specific gender traits and making crucial transitions at various phases of life cycle. Male hormones or androgens ascribe masculine traits, whereas female hormones such as estrogens and progestagens are responsible for the development of feminine qualities. Testosterone features as an important member in the group of androgens. It is because of this hormone that your biological gender is what it is. The level of testosterone in your body depends on your age. Younger men generally have higher levels of testosterone than older men. Once you are into your thirties, testosterone levels start decreasing by 1% annually. By the time you are in your seventies, testosterone levels may drop sharply up to about 50% of its total capacity. The symptoms of a low level of testosterone may include changes in sleeping patterns, decreased libido, difficulties in getting erections frequently, hair loss, weight gain, and reduced energy levels in general. And don’t feel surprised if you are having difficulties in remembering things. This is caused because of the shift in hormonal balances.


Male Menopause – Myth or Reality?


In men, the secretion of testosterone diminishes gradually over many years, causing male menopause or andropause. It is very much real and it differs from female menopause, which is fairly abrupt. On the other hand, with aging you may develop very subtle mood swings that can go undetected for years even by your close ones.


Things to Know About Orgasm


Both men and women often complain about not getting spontaneous orgasms. The G-spot debate features prominently in this context. It is believed to be the most sensitive area responsible for causing orgasms in women. But some experts believe that it is more of a mental association and has no anatomical existence. Orgasm also helps relieving certain physical pains that may be caused by migraines or cramps.


Tips to Get a Healthy Penis


Old age does not deter you from not enjoying sex as often as you used to do in your prime. But in case you are facing problems such as a non-receptive penis during arousal, or lack of libidinal impulses, you are advised to follow the following tips:


  • Gradually decreasing levels of testosterone may hamper sperm production after 30, causing you to feel less excited about sex. The youthful charm and vigour also go away and you become a very boring, old haggard to your wife or girlfriend. What you can do to keep your penis and your enthusiasm to the top of their mark is to follow a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. Eat only when you are hungry and avoid taking junk foods. Excessive intake of fatty food leads to obesity and other health conditions, which, in turn, lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Say goodbye to smoking. It is a proven fact that smokers tend to suffer more from erectile problems when compared to non-smokers. Smoking narrows blood vessels and builds patches inside arteries. As a result, your penis gets affected and you don’t get an erection as firm as you would like.
  • Regular penile exercises, coupled with natural supplements such as penis enlargement pills, pumps and erection inducers, male sex toys, lotions and creams, can keep your penis healthy and your partner happy.

How to Improve Your Love Life Creatively & Have Better Sex?

Is sexual boredom the proverbial elephant in your bed? Routine, vanilla sex can become a BIG problem most couples just want to ignore. We all hope it will get better like it used to be. Great sex is extremely important in your relationship. With a bit of creativity, you can easily get the sizzle back in your love life.


So fire up your creative energy and sexual desire – choose to be a dragon in your pleasure den and chase boredom out of your bedroom. With some creativity techniques, you will discover how to heat up the passion and lust in your relationship and become a more exciting lover. You can satisfy the cravings of both you and your lover has for novel sexual thrills and erotic adventure. It is time to step out of your comfort zone to try something fresh and experience new tantalizing pleasures for both your mind and body.


It must be noted that great sex is not just physical. We all need to stimulate our emotions and our imagination. Everyone wants the thrill of doing something wild, naughty and new. Even if you think you have tried everything before, try them again but add a twist. For instance, the missionary position is an old favorite for most couples. It is intimate and comfortable in bed. Now try it on the front lawn in the morning dew – just a little more exciting.


Now to get your creative juices flowing so you can surprise your lover with novel bedroom ideas and reinvigorate your love life. One of the easiest ways to come up with something new and different is to randomly combine multiple ideas. Then see how you can make them work together. You will be amazed how your mind can take seemingly weird combinations and make sense of them. Even if the ideas appear totally unrelated, give it a chance and they will trigger new thoughts you can use.


Elements of great sex can be grouped into the following categories:


  • Sensual Accessories: Various types of high quality sex toys, different styles of lingerie, food, flavored lubes, bondage equipment, etc. How many pleasuring accessories do you have in your drawer, closet or refrigerator?
  • Settings & Themes: location, style, mood, fantasy and role play. Your sexual desire can range from a sensual massage one day to a wild quickie in an elevator the next. Will you make love in bed, on the kitchen table, on the stairs or the back seat of a car? Will she role play a maid, call girl or a dominatrix?
  • Foreplay for Him: there are so many pleasure points to focus on besides the obvious one of course. How many male hot spots and stimulation techniques can you think of?
  • Foreplay for Her: think of using your lips, tongue, fingers and other body parts to lovingly caress and sensually explore her body. How many of her erogenous zones have you pleasured recently? Are you missing or neglecting any?
  • Sex Play Activities: sex play may involve multiple positions as you build arousal – it is more than just intercourse. There are so many imaginative positions and variations to experiment with. Manual and oral pleasuring also adds to the fun.
  • The Climax: consider how you will finish your sex session. What position or activity will result in orgasm? Will you both drift off to sleep, wash up for work or try to rev up for more?


Alone or with your partner, create a list of ideas for each category. By mixing and matching an idea from each group together, you will have all the elements required for a night of frisky fun.


Although you most likely have a huge list of your own sexy ideas, sometimes you may want an extra source of inspiration. Books are one of the best sources for lovemaking ideas. The number and variety of erotic ideas people come up with are fantastic. There is something for everyone and every desire.


Once you come up with your lists of naughty ingredients for your erotic menu, randomly select a few and surprise your partner with the wild combinations of pleasure possibilities. It is really that easy. Sex does not have to be spontaneous. With planned random sex and a little imagination, you will enjoy more. Give it a whirl. Your sex life will never be the same again – it will be much more fun. Just remember to leave your lover satisfied and at the same time always wanting more.

A Gift Guide for Luxury Sex Toys!

It is natural for us to want to share the things we love, enjoy and go wild over with our friends and loved ones! New Sex Toys can put a spring in your step and a shine on your day… so why not share that spring an shine with a friend? Today we check out the who, what, where and when of adult toys as gifts.


Who Should I Give an Adult Toy Gift to?


Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately), there are some people that it just isn’t appropriate to give adult toys to! Your gift recipients could be:

  • Your boyfriend
  • Your girlfriend
  • A very close female friend (for girls)
  • A reasonably close friend as a group gift at parties, etc.


Which Luxury Sex Toys Make Good Gifts?


Well not all adult toys make good gifts though the might be fun to you! Match your present to your audience with the following suggestions:


  • For boyfriends: Avoid anything that will make him feel insecure (penis pumps, cock rings, enormous over sized dildos, etc). Anal toys for him or you can be great buys to help you explore new frontiers together; remote control vibrators can also be fabulous fun for boys. If you want to buy something that’s technically for you, but he gets to enjoy the ‘benefits’ of, why not try lingerie, a Rabbit vibe or edible underwear.
  • For girlfriends: There are many, mens sex toys out there, and a hundred different ways that you could expand the horizons of a previously vanilla-style girl. However, if you’re buying a toy as a surprise for your girlfriend, you should stick to what you already know she likes. If she hasn’t tried adult toys before, simple egg luxury vibrators or dildos can help ease her into the idea. Alternatively, grab some lingerie for guys, a video on a topic you know she’s interested in, or a board game where sex is the prize!
  • For close female friends: Buy her something that she’d never get for herself – an extravagant vibrator/dildo combination, something to enjoy with her partner, or some luxurious lubes and lotions!
  • As hen’s party gifts: Though it seems a waste, not all the sex toy gifts given at hen’s parties will actually be used! Sometimes they are for laughs… and very effective at achieving that goal too. Grab something enormous and gaudily colored, and watch the group explode with laughter.


When and Where are Toys Appropriate Gifts?


For partners, the best place to actually give a sex toy gift is obviously the privacy of your own home! For close girlfriends, keep it private too – you might want to leave the box with her, so she doesn’t think you’re making a pass. That could be awkward.


Adult toys definitely no longer have to be something to be kept in the shadows – share the shine in your day and the spring in your step!