How to Please Your Guy for His Unforgettable Orgasm?

There are easy and effective ways to learn how to excite your man beyond belief. Here are some highly effective male orgasm tips.


1) Spice up your foreplay


It’s often thought that only the girls like extended foreplay, but guys definitely dig foreplay when done right. You can slowly tease your guy and he’ll go crazy. Men are turned on by many things. Legs, breasts, and bums, are the three big areas. Creatively allow him to enjoy these attractive female attributes and you will effectively prime him up for great sex to follow.


2) Oral Sex


One of the best male orgasm tips has to do with oral sex. Guys love it. Start out slow, ease into it, and then become more active. This definitely gets guys very excited and likely will lead to them thinking about the amazing experience for days, weeks, or years to come!


3) Be Vocal!


Whether it is oral sex or actual sex, being vocal is a great turn on guys love to hear. Especially in regards to oral sex it provides elements of vibration which further enhance the experience. During sexual intimacy it is a big turn on hearing that you are also enjoying the experience. Being vocal is a great aspect of male orgasm tips because even if you are not skilled in tricks and techniques, you can always rely on your voice to excite him beyond belief.


Here are some other effective tips for pleasuring males. They include:


  • Practicing different positions.
  • Using luxury sex toys such as luxury vibrators and lubricants.
  • Wearing sexy outfits or lingerie.
  • Surprising him naked.
  • Practicing intimacy in the shower.


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Prostate Massager

Things to Remember for Prostate Massage

A Prostate Massage can be a very pleasurable experience for most men, but depending on the condition of your prostate, it may prove to be otherwise.


A prostate massage is NOT recommended for men with acute prostatitis, as a massage of the prostate will only allow for the prostate infection to spread to other parts of the body. Bacteria or cancer cells may also be spread through the blood stream, so it might be a good idea to get a rectal examination to rule out any problems with your prostate gland.


Now, assuming your prostate is in reasonable condition, there are a few things explained below that you will want to keep in mind before and while doing a prostate massage.


Things To Remember:


  • If you are planning to use your index or middle finger for the prostate message, make sure they are clean and lubricated. You may also want to consider wearing latex gloves for increased safety and cleanliness.
  • Along with making sure your fingers are clean and lubricated, make sure you take a shower before massaging the prostate gland. A simple shower will give you a feeling of cleanliness and will certainly make the process much easier for you. Also, remember to keep your anus well lubricated for easy and smooth insertion for your fingers.
  • Now, when it comes to the actual massage, you will want to do it SLOWLY and GENTLY. The prostate gland is a sensitive and delicate organ, so you don’t want to be too harsh with the massaging. Correct massage technique involves slow, repetitive, and circular motions.
  • To make the experience more enjoyable, remember to breathe deeply while doing your message. This helps further relieve stress and enhances the orgasm.


Prostate Massage Devices:


If you’re uncomfortable with inserting your index or middle finger into your anus to reach your prostate gland, or if you’re interested in alternative methods, you may want to consider the use of a prostate massage device a luxury male sex toy. Using a prostate massager can, in many cases, provide a much more pleasurable experience than doing the massage with your fingers.


While these high end sex toys may prove to be a less risky and more pleasurable alternative, there are still some things you need to keep in mind before considering this alternative method.


As with doing a massage with your fingers, you will want to use the same slow, gentle, and circular motions with a prostate massager device.

Remember to keep the device and your anus well lubricated for easy insertion.


Also, remember to go for well-known brands of prostate massager devices. As mentioned above, your prostate gland is a sensitive and delicate organ, so you don’t want to go with cheap alternative brands of prostate massager devices. Some well known brands are Aneros and Prostate Cradle.


There isn’t much to worry about when it comes to prostate massaging safety. Just always keep in mind that your prostate gland is a sensitive and delicate organ, and you should treat it as such.

Prostate Massager

Prostate Massager and Wonderful Benefits

For every individual sex is the most imperative part. Men especially are more interested and always ready to explore different means of bodily pleasure. There are times when they completely prefer sex toys to give themselves more satisfaction. The truth is nothing is more beneficial and effective than a prostate massager. There are innumerable benefits associated with these male sex toys. That’s why they are highly in demand all across the globe. This toy has high potential to fulfill your wildest of desires efficiently.


Male G spot is a Male prostate gland. Basically a prostate gland is extremely small in size and is situated within the male reproductive system near the bladder. The key purpose of the gland is to secrete fluid that carries sperms. It is released during an orgasm. Stimulation in this region will certainly increase the volume of semen production. Men do stimulate this region, but it can be more pleasurable if they select precise male sex toys for this activity. Prostate massager will not only sexually satisfy all your wildest desires but also help to provide stronger and long span erections. These high end sex toys will surely enhance their sex life and give ultimate pleasure.


Prostate massagers are basically designed to hit all the right spot and indulge you with all the amazing pleasure while stimulating. No matter you are a beginner or advanced user, these quality sex toys has everything that you must be craving for. The curved handle will generally give you perfect strokes. These handles are extremely helpful in making the act completely safe and pleasurable. Apart from it, this massager is great in delivering the remarkable results. It gives unique and chilling experience.


It is essential to stimulate your prostate in order to keep it active, fresh and healthy. This is what a prostate massager offers to a user. It is truly effective and makes your sexual activity exhilarating. This massager excites a person immensely and helps to achieve thrilling orgasms. For the prostate pleasure of a life time, a man prostate stimulation is advised. Nowadays people understand the importance of sex in their life and thus they are using different things in order to live a stress free life. This is the reason there is a great demand of the massager among the masses all across the globe. They are highly arousing, if used in a proper manner.


Prostate massager is a sex toys that you will love to use again and again. If you desire to experience this wonderful activity then search for the relevant adult toys store on internet that will help you in providing these toys at cost effective rates. Simply make a proper research on web so that you get the top notch quality products; also, check the reliability of the site before purchasing. The best part of these online stores is that they are available 24/7. So why waste your time? Search the relevant site and give yourself the finest level of excitement now.

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